Wireless point-multipoint sound transmission

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Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In this MSc thesis my task was to construct a wireless point-multipoint sound transmission system. This system should be able to produce HiFi quality audio streaming with a range at least few 10 meters. The goal of this system is to replace the cables in outdoor speaker systems.

First, commonly used wireless sound transmission methods will be presented, including their advantages and disadvantages. After this, the goals of my system is defined. The most important goal is that during the multipoint transmission the time differencies between receivers should be imperceptible to the human ear. Another goal is the mobility, i.e. the system should be able to work in outdoor environments. Based on goals, the conception of the system is presented, then the protocol called PurePath™ Wireless is described. This type of sound streaming protocol will be used for my system.

The concrete part of the works was the construction of a test system, which consists one transmitter and two receivers. After the necessary circuits are planned and constructed, the system measurements are started. The delays between the transmitter and receiver and the synchronity of the receivers are measured. Range of the system is also measured in outdoor and indoor environments and some statistics about the operation are collected with a microcontroller.

The thesis is closed with the evaluation of the results and the development opportunities.


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