Toolkit design for wireless sensor networks

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis is about creating a wireless sensor network, which contains a main module, and several connecting nodes in star topology. I choosed the appropriate modules for the work based on task requirements. I wrote the program of the main module and nodes, which ensure the communication of the network. I assured the storing of measurements, furthermore I connected the main module to an external network. So the network node measurements are gathered onto the main module, then saved to an SD card. The system can connect to the internet through the main device thanks to a GSM module. If connected, it can upload sensor measurements, and it can accept settings from the server too. The „sensor network” is not limited to measurements, it can work as an actuator controlled by settings from server.

The measurements and settings of the system are in general format, so new nodes can be developed and connected to the network without the modification of the software of the main module.

Creating the whole system included server side development too, but I will not detail it in my thesis, I will just show the results of testing in the end.


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