Building Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Homes

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Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis according to my exercise I develop sensor devices, which can communicate wirelessly, build an ad-hoc multihop network and measure different environmental parameters. The sensor network is going to be used in an intelligent home system, where the network communication is an important matter. I studied existing sensor network protocols and created my own according to them. Using this I can control the communication between the nodes and the gateway and querry the sensor data. I tried different methods to measure battery voltage and current, then after selecting the sensors I planned the circuit diagram and created the detailed specification. I designed the PCB and produced 6 copies of it. This device can measure temperature, brilliance, battery voltage and current. The implementation was done on AVR ATmega328 based Arduino platform using the C++ programming language. During the test phase I analised the latency and the reliability of nodes in different distances. According to the measurements we can say that the produced devices work as planned under home circumstances. Using this sensor network we can monitor our whole house.


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