Wireless sensor network designing for motion analysis system using 3D acceleration sensor

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Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

During the semester my task was to design a system that can obtain data from three-dimensional acceleration sensors and can send them to a central unit for further computer processing. A central unit connected to sensor units by wireless communication is connected to the computer. The measurement process should be controllable by the computer; the measurement can be started, and stopped.

In the first part of my thesis I present the circumstances of component selection, and the properties of the selected parts. The central and sensor units circuit and the printed circuit board designs are complete, and the process with its issues are documented. The programming of the microcontrollers was part of my job. I configured the peripheral management functions, as well as the control program code.

The test results confirmed the proper operation of the sensors, the central unit, and the communication. The system can be improved with sensor units, that contain other sensors too, like gyroscope. With the help of these systems measuring can be more precise, detailed and easier to process.


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