Hybrid wired-wireless broadband access networks for rural areas

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Dr. Mitcsenkov Attila Demeter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During writing the thesis my task was to investigate the opportunities that are capable of bringing fast internet connection to low populated areas while staying relatively cost-efficient. Nowadays it is almost a crucial need to have fast broadband connection in every household so it should be supplied both in larger cities and in areas with lower density of population, while considering cost-effectiveness aspects as well.

I have examined the features and weaknesses of existing wired and wireless technologies and decided whether they are appropriate for building a durable, high-speed hybrid network or not. While rating the existing technologies I have considered the suggestions of the Szupergyors Internet Program(High Speed Internet Project for every household in Hungary) which project aims similar goals as my thesis.

It is clear that besides existing infrastructure the demographical factors have the most effect on cost recovery. It is cheaper to establish wired connection in a smaller area with higher density, while in a larger area with scattered population a purely wireless solution would be more successful. The implemented software allows us to determine the population conditions of a given area which helps us in choosing the optimal solution for covering the households there.


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