Wireless cRIO module

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

CompactRIO is a high-performance, embedded controller and data acquisition hardware unit with the capability of graphical programming. Although, CompactRio has many various extension modules, the portfolio can be broaden with a wireless module operating in the ISM band. The goal of the thesis is to design a simple, but universal hardware architecture that supports the NI CRio protocol. The module will operate in the 434 MHz ISM band. The „heart” of the module is the Si4463 transceiver, which communicates with the FPGA and Labview via SPI interface. Through Labview, one can configure the module to send and receive data. Another important chip on the PCB is the EEPROM. From this non-volatile memory block, one can acquire identity and calibration information communicating via SPI as well. Though the Si4463 is able to operate on battery power, this is not utilized since the module is inserted into the chassis in which supply voltage is provided by the chassis power line that supports +5V. Due to the fact that all the ICs on the PCB are +3.3V compatible, an interjected low-dropout voltage regulator is needed to down convert the voltage level. This wireless unit also contains chips that ensure that interface signal, power and ground requirements are strictly met.


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