Design of a wireless infrastructure for smart city applications

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Dr. Szabó Csaba Attila
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In my thesis project I looked into several wireless networking possibilities, which could turn a normal town into a digital and intelligent city. In my initial plan, I choosed a city with some possible services, which could become useful and affordable for the citizens of the choosen city.

During the project I designed a wireless network for Gödöllő, which could host several, distinct services simultaneously. To achive this, I examined the different needs of these services as well. To realize the appropriate network, I had to take into consideration the diverse attributes of Gödöllő, as well as the available networking devices on the market. The project contains a business plan too, which includes the cost calculations of the construction and the savings data for calculate the return on investment (ROI) rate of this project.

Several foreign experience shows that these kind of investments, following an applicable implementation, can facilitate the urban economic grow, as well as the growth of the accessible living standards for the citizens within the choosen city.


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