Wireless Loudspeaker Systems development

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis I was working on the development and realization of a wireless speaker system. This system is able to transfer the sound from its source to the playing device in real time and to synchronize the channels of a multichannel stream with each other.

I was studying the currently available devices that operating in a similar way, I have determined the advantages and disadvantages of these. I have decided, in which point my device would be better than these.

I was studying the currently available and used wireless data transfer technologies. Based on these data, I have selected the Wi-Fi as the communication medium for my device.

I have selected a Wi-Fi-capable microcontroller, that suits the needs in memory size, in computing performance and in the range of the available peripherals. This produces the analog sound via a codec integrated circuit, which is driven to the input of a class D amplifier. The speaker connected to the output is driven by this amplifier.

A computer program has been created, that has similar capabilities to the phísical playing devices. This program runs under Microsoft Windows. It can forward the sounds played by the operating system to the playing devices through the network.

One more computer program is also a part of the system, which makes the controlling of the playing devices possible. However, this program uses a same class library with the other program above, in all other points they are independent. Both programs have been created in C# language for the .NET Framework.

During my work, I have managed to realize a well-operating device and system, in which all the planned functions are put into affect. In this document, I am presenting the steps of the development and my experiences I have gained during my work.


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