Wireless telemetry – Wi-Fi to CAN module design

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays the reduction of the cost of wiring is of main importance, therefore wireless networks are the preferred way of communication among individual systems. Currently available wireless communication devices will be crucial in embedded systems. Users would like to enjoy the mobility of portable devices, therefore the need is emerging for wireless connectivity in consumer devices.

In my thesis project I made feasibility studies for a wireless telemetry of a racecar. I made a comparison of currently available wireless communication techniques. After the overview of the theory I introduce the design of a system suitable for the specifications. I designed and implemented a wireless communication hardware. This unit is capable of transmitting messages from the CAN bus of the racecar to computer where static and dynamic parameters can be analyzed. It is possible to send control signals and instructions to the car. Furthermore, I implemented a communication management software. During my work I got an inside view on how automotive embedded systems operate. I became familiar with a new, complex PCB designer and an object oriented programming language. I acquired the skills of complex software design of microcontroller applications.


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