Designing a driving support device

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today’s vehicles are the tools of fast and convenient transportation. However, their operation cost can be quite significant. Some of the costs can be reduced by minimizing the consumption of the vehicle. This can be done in two ways, with the right vehicle choosing or by the application of an environment friendly, economical driving style.

With an optimal driving style not only the fuel consumption will be minimized, but the physical depreciation of the vehicle and the accident causing probability also. However, the average driving style may greatly differ from this, often it is too aggressive, so the driver needs to be taught in some way. For this particular purpose many studies, applications and devices had born.

My main task was to design a driving support device, which can help the driver with auditory and visual feedback in real time. Also, I have designed a PC software which can configure the device and helps with the trip analyzation.

In my master thesis the entire device design procedure will be introduced, from research, through specification, hardware and software design to the future development possibilities.


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