Developement of Managament Reports Using SharePoint and Microsoft BI

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my dissertation I examine the possibilities of the reporting for the management and the directorate from the source data. At the first step I tried to find ways to resolve this main problem, than I decide to solve this problem with a business intelligence system. After I show the background information and the history of the BI systems I processed three main database of an imagine companies IT Class: magnet card logs, resources-planner’s reservation and the tasks of an issue-tracking management system. The goals of my project contain the reports and dashboard creating, but the analyzing, monitoring, and the data mining are non-goals. After the data converting to MS SQL database I used the Reporting Service framework from MS SQL 2008 pack. This kit contains the Report Builder 3.0 application by using we’d easily create diagrams, charts and statements based on the user’s wishes. Compare the publishing opportunities I choose the SharePoint 2010 server option, which business version contains the PerformancePoint add-on, that offer more options to refine. I shielded the repots with parameters and filters and to create dashboards and make a way to drill other reports. In the end I summarized the possibilities of the further developing, and I looked over the problems and edifications.


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