Implementation and characterization of Vibration energy harvesting devices

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices


The idea was to create a cantilever which harvests the ambient vibrational energy strored in the enviroment, but leaves behind the conventional tech process and mixes the technology both of metallurgy and Si semiconductors, resulting a new hybrid metal-MEMS technology.

This vibrational energy harvester is meant to renew the current economy of cantilevers by sharing physical prospteries with the 2 most popular cantilevers: the macroscale epoxi based and the microscale MEMS devices, thus sharing their advantages as well.

Our benchmarks are MEMS harvesters. The metal based cantilevers are somewhat larger in size than the MEMS ones, yet the former has better overall qualities and properies in general. Higher power can be gained, cheaper to make and are more hardy mechanically. Their resonanse frequency can be easily tuned to stay in the 1- 500 Hz range. Because of these, they excel in harvesting the ambient vibrational energy.

But there is yet much to improve, this perspective is rather new, the technology is not so advanced.


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