Video-based e-learning service

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Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In an era where information can be accessed at all times without spatial limitations, the traditional concept of learning faces major challenges. Video-based e-learning portals are becoming more and more widespread; however, their most serious deficiency, i.e., the lack of interaction and room for questions, may well lead to their early demise. With the weaknesses of traditional and e-learning in view, my thesis describes the creation of a video-based educational framework that combines the advantages of both approaches.

The introductory chapter of my thesis highlights the problematic points of both current electronic educational frameworks and traditional teaching, and presents the factors that contributed to establishing my motivational objectives. The next section specifies the functions of my system that aim to confront the difficulties mentioned above. Besides, it elaborates on the choices I made in the planning phase about selecting components such as platform and communication. The same section discusses the chosen technologies, architectural patterns and frameworks as well.

This is followed by a section which gives a tour of the software’s user interface with plenty of screenshots and explains in detail the whole process of video broadcasting.

Before moving on to the implementation part of my thesis, I introduce several programming patterns I looked out for during the realization so as to ensure the ease of future maintenance.

The next section is about the execution, which, together with the planning section, constitutes the most significant part of my thesis. Here I focus on the implementation of the main functions with short excerpts of code illustrating operation.

As a conclusion, I briefly relate the experiences gained during the creation of the software, assess the outcome and outline my future plans for improving it.


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