Optimizing end-user QoE of video applications in mobile networks

OData support
Kőrösi Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the last few years, mobile broadband penetration showed a growing tendency. Along with it, the load of the mobile network was showing a similar behavior. Nowadays, more than half of this load is caused by video traffic. The overall user experience is highly correlated with the quality of video streaming service. It is an important goal of the operators and the network vendors to maximize the video related user experience. However the existing, industry standard LTE scheduling methods are not taking advantage of the video specific traffic patterns.

The goal of this thesis is to design new video specific methods and radio scheduling algorithms in order to enhance the LTE network video experience, and to test these methods in a simulated environment. The proposed new algorithms should not only be video aware, but they should also take advantage of the mobile network structure. As a conclusion we are going to present multiple novel approaches which are superior to the existing algorithms when it comes to video transfer over LTE.


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