Development of Video Surveillance System for Windows Platform

OData support
Dr. Csurgai-Horváth László
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The growth of PCs in the society has increased greatly as the years have gone by. The society and its individuals have grown reliant on Laptops, smartphones and tablets. Over the years, these technologies have improved drastically with some of them coming with built in cameras in them. In this thesis project, I aim to leverage the cameras that come with windows pc, tablets and mobiles and also support external cameras to aid in video surveillance and motion detection.

The application takes photos according to the users settings and saves said photos in a database. These photos aren’t saved to the computer/smartphone directly and they can be viewed from a website. The user has to sign into said website in order to see the photos that were taken by his smartphone, pcs or tablets.

The application makes use of the universal windows platform which is incorporated in windows 10. The application is made to scale and perform the same way in windowsphones, tablets, laptops and desktop pcs. The web site is built using angularjs 1.x. Both the website and the application communicate (save and load) the pictures through an api layer. The api layer is protected with access tokens using Thinktecture Identity Server v3. The access tokens were meant to be short lived to improve the security of the application. We refresh the tokens whenever they expire using refresh tokens. This prevents the application and website from constantly asking the user to login whenever the token expires.


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