Video-based gesture detection

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis I design and implement a video-based gesture recognition system to recognize hand-based gestures in real time. The thesis contains four main chapters describing the following topics.

In the first chapter I regard and examine today’s main gesture recognition based systems and solutions (hardware and software based solutions for smartphones, hardware modules for the popular console gaming systems...etc.).

In the second chapter I design a cheap and entirely video-based general gesture recognition system for the avarage user’s existing hardware devices, specify the following subjects: the user’s needs from the system, the details of the system and the functions of the parts of the system.

In the third chapter I connect a prototype application to the general gesture recognition solution. With this application a user can use hand gestures to navigate in a digital photo gallery.

In the last chapter of my thesis, I analyse measuerements from a user-based testing (from 5 user), specifically study the accuracy of the gesture recognition.


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