Development of video processing module for embedded applications

OData support
Kis László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays it is more and more easier to create embedded systems, that capable of real-time processing of image data from cameras and camera clusters. So it is possible to create small and low-powered devices, and realize image and video processing functions efficiently.

The real-time capture, compression and storage of video signals is a significant task of such systems. With the help of modern System-On-Chip devices and the recent video encoding algorithms these functions are realizable.

The goal of my thesis was to build a device, which has a task of recording video signals on a storage unit. I implemented the task in two parts, the first part was to create a prototype device from a developer board, and with it I implemented the required software parts. In the second part I designed the schematic and layout of a customized panel, what can realize the main goal


With the prototype device I tested performance of the prevalent video encoding algorithms, to find out which works best with the given configuration.


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