Automated Test of Embedded Videomatrix-Software on x86 Platform

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Dr. Tevesz Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays embedded systems have more and more complex architecture and this applies also to the pieces of software running on them.

Whereas due to the continuously changing demands and the shorter time for development there is more focus on increasing the efficiency of software development, testing methods still get little attention in microcontroller based applications.

However, verifying error-free operation in such applications is extremely important, because they often work in a safety-critical environment.

Test automation is a useful tool for embedded systems.

Although it holds some additional challenges for the developer due to the constant communication with the environment (think of setting up an emulated hardware environment), its usage can significantly speed up the testing phase.

Furthermore, test automation helps to separate hardware errors from software errors.

My thesis provides an insight into the automated testing of a high-bandwidth video matrix that has been developed by a member of the professional audiovisual industry.

It gives an overview of the relevant video technology standards to the necessary level.

Moreover, it describes the technologies used to implement the test environment.

This section is followed by the detailed description of the structure and operation of the video matrix.

Then, the building blocks of a configurable emulated hardware environment used for testing the matrix are outlined.

In addition, the operability of the test environment is demonstrated by giving test case examples.

And finally, the thesis is concluded by showing how my implementation has been integrated into the continuous integration system used in the company.


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