Implementation of the multimodal user interface of video rental on MS Surface

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Dr. Németh Géza
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Displays with touch screen capability are one of the most significant technical achievements of the latest few years. Their development began decades before, but the widespread of the technology happened just nowadays. During the semester, we had the opportunity to develop on Microsoft Surface, a multitouch capable device that has been announced a few years ago. The main goal of our thesis was to further improve the movie rental system that we implemented before. The different parts of interaction between the machines and the users (eg. multitouch, speech recognition, speech synthesis) enhance the usability of software dramatically. In some cases (such as applications made for sanitary conditions, hearing/visually impaired or disabled people), usage of interactions that differ from the traditional scenario (control with mouse and keyboard) is unavoidable.

The developed application can be as good as it is, but it has an evident disadvantage that it is fixed in place. These days almost every household can reach the internet in our country too, so that it sounds logical, that the customers can be targeted well through this channel. As a further goal of my thesis, I have studied the Microsoft Silverlight platform and then used my knowledge to design and develop the movie rental software as a web application. I have been always interested in the technical background of serving multimedia content to various endpoints, so I appreciated the opportunity that I can get in touch with video streaming in theory and practice.

The technical devices as the result of the preceding years’ developments are available for the public. Innovations like that can be found for example in 3D televisions or mobile phones that have touchscreen, speech recognition or text-to-speech capabilities. Satisfaction of the customer requirements is a common interest of the entertainment and service industries. The fact that the interweaving of technologies discussed in this thesis must happen in the near future means that everyone has to clarify their knowledge about them both from theoretical and practical aspects.


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