Implementation of the multimodal user interface of video rental on MS Surface

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Dr. Németh Géza
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Displays with touch screen capability are one of the most significant technical

achievements of the latest few years. Their development began decades before, but

the widespread of the technology happened just nowadays. During the semester,

we had the opportunity to develop on Microsoft Surface, a multitouch capable

device that has been announced a few years ago. The main goal of our thesis was to

further improve the movie rental system that we implemented before. The

different parts of interaction between the machines and the users (eg. multitouch,

speech recognition, speech synthesis) enhance the usability of software


The developed application can be as good as it is, but it has an large disadvantage

that it is fixed to a place, and it’s not likely that the platform will be available to buy

on the Hungarian market soon. However, analysts are telling that the mobile

devices with touch sensitive screens are going to make an enormous expansion on

the market. During finishing my thesis, I have become acquainted with the

Microsoft mobile architectures, and designed and implemented two portable

versions of the application for these platforms.


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