Video content watermarking in the social media

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Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

With the spread of digital cameras and smart phones, now there are numerous tools available to help anyone record high-definition videos. Video clips have grown to become one of the most popular form of media, and since the expansion of social media platforms, more and more online services provide an opportunity to share our works - or videos made by other authors - with each other. These recordings are capable to spread across the World Wide Web with such a level of speed that makes certification and copyright issues proper management hard to keep up. There is a need for video watermarking both to identify and to prove a video’s exact origin and author. The central theme of this work deals with this problem in question.

In Chapter 1, I present the main reasons for the spread of video clips, as well as the continuous development of technologies and tools that provide platforms for the growing penetration of motion picture recording.

In Chapter 2, I describe the various methods and key application areas of watermarking, first in general, then with regard to the digital content.

In Chapter 3, I detail the theoretical operation of the two used watermarking algorithms that work in the frequency domain.

In Chapter 4, I test an own video content with the two watermarking algorithms, mentioning the setting of the test environment, the used implementatios, and the process of implementing, with regard both to data embedding and watermark detection. I submit the watermarked video on various forms of attacks and examine the distortion of data hiding with the example of three online services.

Chapter 5 presents an online service design that allows users watermarking their own videos, or to determine the authenticity of recordings and identify other authors.

Finally, I summarize and evaluate the results obtained during the course of my work in Chapter 6.


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