Development of a lighting measuring instrument and measuring method

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of this thesis is the completing and modernization of the (MFKI) 75032 / 81. transmittance and reflection factor determining measuring equipment, that is currently out of order; and to develop a measurement procedure for determining the properties of lamps that use light emitting diodes (LEDs).

In the Diploma Thesis Design 1. I will study the available literature, collect informations about the measuring procedure with photometric globe and the specificity and difficulties of the LED measurement.

After studying the literature I’ll design the missing parts of the equipment and start the maintenance process including the re-painting of the inner side of the globe.

In the Diploma Thesis Design 2. I would like to continue the started work. I will plan the modification of the equipment - based on the studied literatures. I’ll make a new control unit that will be able to record the measured quantities versus time and communicate with the computer. During the test measures I will calibrate the equipment then make the measuring procedure.


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