Effect of electric car charging stations on the MV grid

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Dr. Farkas Csaba
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, the topic of green energy is a common ground among leading industries. The increasing environmental awareness attracts the attention of the biggest enterprises as well and makes them take a stand. Electric mobility receives increasing attention in order to preserve our environment in the long term. Pollutant emission means a severe problem to which the energetic sector pays more and more attention. One has to deal with numberless duties connecting to this. Innovative technologies have to strive not only to avoid pollution but to be practical and easily accessible in the everyday life, which includes affordable prices for the middle class.

As a significant element of the modern technology, electric car is one of the most important milestones of this development. Its main goal is to efface fossil fuel-based cars. Moreover, it involves several benefits, such as the decrease of noise pollution and better efficiency. In order to be successful, it has to overcome various obstacles and dispel numerous misbelief about it. Most of the people approach electric cars with scepticism and consider it as something unreachable, futuristic thing.

In my thesis, I was faced with a practical question. The establishment of appropriate charging infrastructures is inevitable in order to ensure an extensive use of electric cars in our country. I have demonstrated a medium-voltage network and I have examined the effect of the charger of electric cars. I have applied my stimulations connecting to this. Furthermore, I have researched other charging possibilities, which are only used in the most technologically developed countries.

In my paper, I have searched for the answer to the applicability of solar power systems in the field of e-mobility and its effect on medium-voltage network. I have tested the error-free operation of this network from various different aspects, which showed whether it is necessary to have network development in the given regions, or not. Car industry cannot change the world by itself, since these electric cars demands properly established infrastructures.


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