Design of Electric cars drive

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I dealt with basic information what is necessary for planning to drive electric cars. I studied what events of economy, protection of the environment and energy consumption make the invasion of the electric-powered cars into the vehicle market increasingly urgent. I presented vehicle drive electric motor types, subtypes used currently: a permanent magnet synchronous motor, squirrel-cage induction motor, a DC motor. I analyzed that in the point of view of vehicle dynamics what requirements an electric drive motor as a vehicle drive must comply with. I presented what effect of high temperature can be in the electric motors, and how to describe the effects of temperature, cooling the engine in a mathematical model. I also dealt with the possible mechanical failure of electric motors, and their early diagnosis. I examined how special design considerations appear when the task is planning a high-performance electric vehicle, and I even compared it with the electric passenger car. I analyzed what would accelerate the electrification of the automobile industry, and concluded that the appearance of a new type of electric motor can be the solution. The synchronous reluctance motor has promising indicators, so this model has also been introduced.


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