Examination of electric drives for electric cars

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I talked about the examination of electric and hybrid cars. Firstly I showed why it is so important to develop eletric cars instead of regular ones, then comes a short paragraph about their history. After that I gave a short overview about the possible effect of an electric car to the economy. In the fourth chapter I talked about hybrid cars, then comes a short period about the different accumulators. In the sixth one I wrote about the different forces that can effect the movement of the car. After that I showed the different eletric motors, that we can use in cars, like DC, asynchronous, permanent magnet synchronous, switched reluctance and syncronous reluctance motors. I compared these motors to each others in different topics then I selected the two best for the movement of electric cars. After that I made a short simulation of the permanent synchronous and switched reluctance motors using Matlab-Simulink inner models. In the last topic, I wrote a little about the future that we can expect according to the current standing of the technology.


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