Impact assessment of electric car charging on LV grids

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Dr. Farkas Csaba
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In our daily lives travelling plays a very important role. However the price of the petrol is increasing, the number of vehicles are increasing too all over the world. The consequence of it is that the oil stocks, like other non-renewable energy sources, will give out once. Thinking about the next generations we should solve this problem and looking for new possibilities.

In the XXIth century we cannot imagine our lives without electric power, which could be a solution for the previous problem. Due to the increasing number of electric cars, for their accumulation charging we should develop the right charging infrastructure. During my working I found out it in charging at home.

The electric cars which are charged at home probably have an effect on low-voltage distribution network and they have a chance to influence the consumer profile and the load of certain network element. I performed simulation runs in some low-voltage distribution network in Budapest. I worked with DIgSILENT Power Factory software. After the evaluation of results, it helped to give an account of the effect what electric cars caused.


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