Impact assessment of electric cars on the distribution grid

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Dr. Farkas Csaba
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Electric cars will be significant parts of the sustainable traffic in the near future and therefore the existence of appropriate charger infrastructure is going to be vital. However the vehicles will have effects on the network voltageprofile and on the ability of the network elements. Moreover in connection with the future of electric cars there is a serious question: what kind of changes can be predicted in the case of a wide-scale spread of electric automobiles.

During my thesis I conducted several simulation runs on particular low-voltage distribution systems around Budapest with the help of a modeling software called DIgSILENTPowerFactory. After I evaluated all the results I got approximate information about the effects of electric cars. In addition to this using an own computer code I accomplished the possibilities of a multiple stochastic simulation in order to achieve the values close to the authentic stage. The major objectives of my analysis were the loadability of wires and transformator and the endpoint voltages.

Beyond the analysis of the electric cars' impacts on the network I payed particular attention on intelligent regulations of electric automobiles' charging ( "smart charging") which were conducted by my own program code in which I restricted the electric automobiles' chargings on the network with the homing of charging characteristics. Finally during my charge control algorithm and constructing of my stochastic simulation I focused on the benefits for the network consumers and for the DSO as well.


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