Investigation of the impacts of fast charging on MV grids

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Dr. Farkas Csaba
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays we are witnesses of an enormous phased population growth, changing of society and technological development. In order to be able to sustain our development, we have to change our trends. In order to keep our environment, our private area livable, we significantly have to pay attention to the sustainable development of technology and the reduction of the emission of the energy sectors. Replacing the polluting fossil fuel used in transportation, and using electric vehicles instead of vehicles operating with combustion engine seems a progressive intention. Basically this is the so called electromobility (e-mobility).

By using electric vehicles, we are able to decrease the CO2 emission at the consumption’s location. Furthermore the noise pollution can also be decreased, and the energy efficiency can be increased. On a macro economy level the security of supply of energy can be improved. The electromobility has many advantages. We can definitely state, that using electrical systems in transportation can be the basis of the sustainable future. With conditions and some certain probabilities it results in the spread of the electric car use.

For this, the modification of drive systems, the storage of energy, the changing of habit of the consumers and changing many other factors are needed. Currently the e-mobility has many disadvantages and difficulties considering the consumers. This type of change in transportation has many consequences.

In my final thesis I strive to introduce in general the current state of electromobility. I find important to introduce the smaller stakes of the whole topic. In order to give a whole picture about the topic, I introduce the charging and energy storage options of electric vehicles, I write about the habit of consumers. I share the tendencies, previsions and forecasts considering the e-mobility. In the second half of the thesis I make detailed investigation of the impacts of fast charging on MV grids. During my half year long work I made simulations regarding to how the charging of electric vehicles can affect the MV grid.


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