Measurement of Power Quality Indices with a CompactRIO System

OData support
Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

I have learnt lots of subjects and conducted many experiments in both universities. From these subjects, the most important and the first trigger of studying was a fundamental concept. During this thesis work, it was such a precious time to review the fundamental and basic concepts of electrical engineering thoroughly. If definition and principle of the essential primary concept are clear to me, I could deal with any complicated tasks whenever I face them. It was really worth it before I graduate and become a reliable engineer.

I made it possible to clear in my mind about voltage, current, RMS and frequency and so on. I used and studied the basic ideas that can be seen in any classes, experiments or even home. I measured a voltage that we use in everyday life and calculated RMS, frequency and THD with LabVIEW dataflow visual programming language. I could compare the theoretical knowledge and the real values which I measured and calculated.

Furthermore, I could get familiar with LabVIEW tool. LabVIEW is a kind of programming language like C programming or Java. However, the most distinguishable advantage of LabVIEW is that it is based on graphical programming and the dataflow and results can be seen very quickly and clear for user. The more I could handle this program well, the more I could realize my thought and test it. It seems that LabVIEW is a very powerful language for electrical engineer to design, program and test.


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