Cost efficient technology of rotating electrical machines

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the first part of my thesis, I presented the production technology of the CG’s factory in Tápiószele. In the description I paid particularly high attention to the preparation of electric and magnetic active parts. I analyzed the processes based on the studied at the University, so that I could combine the theoritical knowledge with the practice applied in the industry.

In my thesis I developed a modification to improve the impregnation process, which has a high energy requirement, and therefore this is an expensive procedure. Due to the measured capacitance between the three-phase coil system and the iron core, the degree of penetration of the resin can be determined. Thanks to this, we reduced the duration of the pressure holding period. Based on the reduced power consumption I calculated the return on investment.

I prepared the cost function for an asynchronous motor, including the technology. With thus obtained result, we get an accurate picture of the manufacturing resource requirements, which is essential knowledge for the cost reduction of the machine. Using this feedback we will be able to design our machines, based on customer requirements, keeping in mind the cost efficiency in production.


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