Multifactorial Optimisation of Rotating Electrical Machines for Increased Efficiency

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The more and more rigorous and comprehensive expectations towards electric machines cause the optimal design of such complex system being a big challenge for the engineering society. Multidisciplinary design optimization approaches and solves the problem by exploring and modelling this complexity. The research of this method became relevant enough in the 2000s, mainly in the United States, and it was used with success on many points of the world, mostly in the field of aviation and car industry. During my research, my goals were to study it and implement it by developing an optimizing program for a concrete rotating machine. I have put my method to the proof for enhancing the efficiency of an existing rotating electric machine. The program was able to find potential for higher efficiency with modification of variables in the case of an already well-designed synchronous machine as well. The results in the field of electric machines legitimate multidisciplinary design optimization at least on account of the emerging importance of sustainability, thus by putting it into practice the energy consumption of industry and households could become more efficient.


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