Linking of Design and Technology of Rotating Electrical Machines

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The topic of my thesis is the technological design of the stator of a hydro generator and the related electric calculations. I described the technology of how the hydro generators of CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt. at Tápiószele are produced. Throughout the paper I particularly focused on the design of the electrically active parts.

I detailed the possible ways of reducing the partial discharges in the stator.Out of the discussed methods I utilized a winding system which is unused in the factory. Moreover, I presented the advantages and the operating conditions of the conductor and semiconductor tapes.

I chose a salient pole machine and computed all the necessary electric calculations. For the design of the winding and the slot I used the technological methods of the factory. In my thesis I mainly focused on the stator, but to achieve precise calculations regarding the magnetic circuit and the loss, I also sketched the rotor. For the sake of easier and faster calculations, I utilized the Mathcad program.

I checked the electric calculations using a finite element magnetic field calculator program, this led to the observation of a no-load and a full-load states. To further examine the accuracy of my calculations I used the firm’s designated program to check the differences between my computations and the values given by the program.


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