Satic and Dynamic Identification of an Electrical Drive System

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Kiss Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years vehicles with electric powertrain gained importance in the automotive industry. The number of the electric vehicles are rising.

Motorsport has always been the peak of the technological development. This is true for the electric powertrain as well. This field needs a powertrain that has the highest power density. The automotive industry creates more compact and more efficient devices to fulfil the needs of the motorsport. The main parts of an electric powertrain are the motor and the power electronics which converts the electrical energy as the driver requests it.

The BME Formula Racing Team was established in 2007 by young students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics because they would like to participate in the Formula Student. This was the first Formula Student team not only at the university but in Hungary as well. From 2015 the team develops a four wheel drive electric vehicle which is based on a very high power dense powertrain.

In 2018 on of the many projects was to build a vehicle model in Simulink. The goal of this paper to supplement this model with a self-made electric powertrain model.


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