Conceptional plan of an electrically driven utility vehicle

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This document summarizes the conceptional planing of an electrically driven utility vehicle, specially considering the electric motor. The electrically driven utilility vehicle suits the environmental requirements. The document presents the past and the present of the electrically driven vehicle, and summarizes three electrically driven utility vehicles with similar working conditions and requirements. We introduced in brief the components and functioning of electrical drives. Based on vehicle dynamic aspects we compared the electrical drive and the internal combustion engine drive. We presented in detail the functioning, buildup and the qualities of the applicable electric motors. Based on technical and economic aspects we selected the most optimal electric motor. For energy storage we used accumulator. We compared different accumulator types, and selected the most suitable for the requirements. For sizing the akkumulator and electric motor we assigned the typical dutytypes. After that we assigned the accumulator capacity and the motor power. At the end of the document we summarized and interpreted the achived results.


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