The risk of arc initiation and related hazards in case of LLM in high voltage systems

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The basic topics of my thesis are the live-line maintenance (LLM) in high-voltage transmission systems, and the workers’ protection from electric arc.

The paper describes the requirements of MSZ IEC 60895 standard about conductive clothing, after a brief introduction of LLM and arc protection. Thereafter I use a method, which is suitable for the calculation of the incident energy in the environment of a high current and long length electric arc. During that I present the electrical characteristics of the arc as well. In the next section, I apply the method – taking into account the physical properties of the Hungarian electrical transmission system – in the case of two technological arrangements developed by Dr. Béla Csikós, when arc initiation might be possible, based on foreign and previous cases of other technologies.

In the last section I compare the calculated incident energy with values of a guideline for the selection of arc protection devices, to reveal whether it is possible to protect the LLM workers from damaging effects of an electric arc or not.


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