Comperensive Design of Machine-Drive System for an Electrical Vehicle

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Without a doubt, electric buses will play a crucial role in the public transport of the future. In this paper I am doing the conceptual planning of an electric bus. To nar-row down, the topic is the assessment of the specification of the driving motor and based on this, the choice from products available on the market.

First, some routes are examined based on timetables and geographical data, from which conclusions are drawn of the properties of urban bus routes. I propose a simple physical model of the bus, and show its simulation.

I’ve measured the driving cycles of a few bus routes, which were used as an in-put to the simulation of the physical model. The results will be described. Based on the-se measurements, a reference driving cycle is proposed, of which simulation results are used to specify the requirements of the motor.

The specification is checked with the measurement results of another bus route, and far-out load. In the end, choices are made from the catalogues of different manufacturers for asynchronous and synchronous motors.


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