Electric motors for hybrid and electric cars

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I dealt with electric and hybrid passenger cars. I gave an overview about electrical engines which are used in electric drive. I attended to permanent magnet synchronous, DC, asynchronous and switched reluctance motors. I learned the structure and operating principles at each engine type. I gave the mathematical descriptions, the torque and power dependences. Finally I summarized the pros and cons in tabular form. I discussed the switched reluctance engine more because in the future it is expectable to be spread. I compared these engines according to their attributes which are important in electric driving. Compareing was done with the values of the attributes. I analyzed the datas of several hybrid and electric cars, and summarized them in a table. I compared the electric and combustion engines in a manner of their cost. I gave a forecast for what type of electrical engines are expected to be spread in the future. I made a short simulation about a DC current motor with current control, and common car load. I realized the simulation in Matlab Simulink.


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