Electrical planning and documentation of the renewal of spreading-machines

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

We were contracted by the Hungary-based pharmaceutical company Richter Gedeon Ltd. to carry out a renewal of the automation control system of their three storage and retrieval machines, hereinafter SRM, as specified by the client. In order to achieve this task, I had to learn and understand the operation of the machines as perceived through their electrical plans, including the hardware-level control, the Interbus network, the AC motor drive control, the human-machine interface and the position sensors. According to the renewal specifications, the Siemens S5-type PLC modules – that are remotely controlling the SRMs via Interbus – must be removed and be replaced by Allen-Bradley CompactLogix type PLCs – one PLC onto each machine, and one to the remote-control cabinet block. The Interbus network is to be replaced by Ethernet-based TCP/IP communication network, which uses WLAN antennas instead of infrared data link to transfer data to the control system of the SRMs. Inside the machines CAN bus based DeviceNet network will be implemented to connect bus-capable peripheries – that are also to be replaced (remote input-output modules, frequency inverters and absolute rotary encoders).

Having considered the scope of the renewal and the already existing flaws in the SRMs’ original electrical documentation the contractor company entrusted me to generate the necessary electrical plans in the Eplan Electric P8 software for the renewal, as well as to create a documentation that would completely supersede the originally provided plans. To achieve this, firstly I designed the electrical wiring and installation of the new devices and redrew the current flow paths of the untouched sections of the electrical system based on the wiring and cable interconnection diagrams of the original documentation. I then processed the original documentation’s device part list, cross-checked it with the device information I gained in the facility and ascertained the list of device parts that will be kept from it. I also updated the documentation with the newly integrated control system devices. This information made it possible for me to precisely parametrise the devices appearing in the current flow paths. The complete rewamp of the documentation also permitted me to implement a new, more easily comprehendible device tag system, as this was a considerable need on behalf of the company.


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