Development of a Power Quality Measurement Instrument on NI cRIO and LabVIEW platforms

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Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The spread of non-linear consumers led to the emergence of several questions regarding power quality, which - according to many professionals – poses one of the greatest challenges of low-voltage networks.

In the course of my research I created a LabVIEW project with Virtual Instruments, designed to register power quality indices. However, the aim of this thesis does not confine itself to develop software used for measurements, but to create a well-documented LabVIEW project, available for future academic purposes.

Following a historic overview I present a detailed description of physical phenomena to measure, the standards of measurement and evaluation along with an account about VIs from a developer’s as well as a user’s point of view. Furthermore, I pay special attention to network synchronized sampling, storing data in files, and issues regarding CPU usage.

The functional comparison of the VIs and other instruments was completed using genuine equipment available at the Department. The documentation of the metering constitutes parts of this thesis.

The appendix contains a brief commentary on timestamp handling, and further instructions regarding software installation and the initial steps of instrument usage.


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