Development of the Concept of a Power Market Simulator

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Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The electricity market is a complex, dinamically developing area of the Hungarian economy. The understanding of it and designing a simulator programme which can model the market operation processes is a very challenging, yet exciting task, one that requires an overall systematic approach.

In my thesis I analysed the electricity market and its actors. The collected information allowed me to construct an algorithm which simulates the daily and venture operations of some of the actors. I formed my own vision after talking to several real market actors and studying relevant literature. I created flow charts to model the procedures that take place in each system, supplemented by my own ideas.

The realisation and implementation of the simulation program is a long-term project of the Department of Electric Power Engineering. Therefore I believe it was necessary to define the focal points of the further development of the project at the end of my thesis. I do hope that my work is a contribution to the development of a well-functioning electricity market simulation program.


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