Examination of defects in electricity supply at industrial environment

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Electric current is a product of the highest importance. Installations, personal computers, electric utensils used in our everyday lives and industrial machinery demand a continous, smooth and quality service.

In electricity supply consumers are connected through the network, so every customer can have some influence on the quality of electricity with their harmful effects and wrong actions. False quality means overcosts for both the guilty and the true consumer parties.

The need for electricity sky-rocketed in late years which worries the countries and managers equally. It is worthy of note that social, economic growth and rising of standard of living cannot be imagined without electicity.

It can be said that various energy-management systems came into general use and are used widely. That is because the consumers would like to know the quality of the electricity they draw, and companies take qualitative and quantitative indicators of power into account.

These systems can help monitoring and mapping energy-usage, making cost reducing decisions in order to uphold sustainable consumption and competitiveness.

In my thesis I examine energy-management and enery-managements systems (opportinuty, challenge, rewards of applying these systems), then I refer the most typical quality problems, finally energy management, its problems and solutions at Audi Hunagria Motor Kft (Ltd) can be read.


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