Evaluation of the signal transmission ability of the power lines in the point of view of PLC/BPL technologies

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Dr. Varjú György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

When using PLC (Power Line Communication), the data is carried through the conductors of the electric power transmission/distribution system by injecting a high frequency signal (from kHz to MHz) over the lines.

One of the advantages of the technology is that the already existing power line can be used for the communication and therefore no new installation of communication channel is needed. Since these wires are not designed for communication (i.e. they are not shaded, not matched, etc.) the PLC systems are very sensitive.

The scope of my thesis was investigating this ’sensitivity’. Beyond researching literature I also executed measurements to get a better image. After providing an overview of the basics I focused on the factors influencing the data transfer and examined them through measurements, devoting the corresponding chapter to be the core of my thesis. Finally I demonstrated the current situation related to the technology in the fields of development and standardization.


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