Electric power system control software sturcture

OData support
Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My thesis principally summarizes my 2-year job at Prolan Zrt., which is about the new control system development project. Power system control centers recently are indispensable for the responsible and secure operation of an electrical utilities. Scada systems are getting bigger and bigger roles as data service center in order to EMS/DMS softwares can help more in the dispatchers’ important everyday decisions. Prolan has already have a succesfully operating SCADA system, so the calculations based on this system are the core of this new development.

Firstly I introduces the structure of control systems, than generally the SCADA systems through Prolan's SCADA system.The network calculations above the SCADA system serve such a functions to the dispatchers, which makes easier and more secure the remote control. Furthermore one of the most popular topic recently in the power system industry is the development of making power network control centers smarter, which indeed has a huge opportunity in the future. The functions have been described through the ongoing Prolan project, from the basis till the most complicated mathematical calculations. I have made deeply research in the functions of topology analysis and state estimation. Rest of the chapters are about database structure design, model building based on database, graph building and the comparison of graph traversing and searching algorithms.

The thesis talks about the informatics basis, challenges and mathematical backgrounds of the software, and also the power network functions has been detailed which is important in the power engineering industry. This 2-year job was mainly literature research, software architecture design, model creating, software implementing. In my opinion these job parts are making a complex and integral project. The software still in the development phase, but by it ends it can be a really helpful tool for the network operators even in a low voltage level control systems.


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