Lightning protection risk assessment, design

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The goal of my thesis is to demonstrate according to the MSZ EN 62305 and IEC 62305Ed.2 standards the risk management, which is nowadays an emphatic step of the lightning protection design.

This thesis shows the risk assessment methods of the 62305 standards, and the educational software called Understanding Lightning and Lightning Protection from Tibor Horváth, which is basically a tool for recognize the procedure of the MSZ 274 standard. In this way I can demonstrate the similarities and differences of the methods to understand the risk assessment procedure.

As it later shows, to make a risk assessment according to the 62305 standards, takes long time and is a hard work. Because of that there was made some risk assess-ment softwares helping the lightning protection expert. One of these programs is the RAS v5.03, which was made as the utility software of the newest IEC 62305Ed.2 stan-dard. This program was the object of my analysis. Beyond the functional analysis, I made proposals to simplify it and make it more user-friendly, and my goal was to men-tion the occurrent faults.

Finally, to use the risk assessment theory in practice, a case study was labored. Its object was a fire water reservoir. Besides calculating the risk and designing the ex-ternal lightning protection according to the standard IEC 62305Ed.2, the results were compared to the valid protection solution (OTSZ).


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