Ligthning protection case studies according to the MSZ EN 62305

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The new lightning protection international standard – published in 2006 – is much more different from the old MSZ 274 standard, which was in effect in Hungary. The new National Fire Codes & Standards – published in 2011 – already includes the new lightning standards, so the external and internal lightning protection of buildings must be designed and constructed according to the MSZ EN 62305 standard.

The new standard is much larger from its ancestor, and it has a different understanding about the design of the lightning protection. Lot of problems and questions came up, using the new standard. So it is necessary to give more presentation by using lightning protection design samples.

The objective of my work was to show the differences between the two standards. First I present a sample of a warehouse, then a hospital by planning their lightning protection system, and then I make suggestions to improve the new standard.

I hope that my work can help to many specialists to understand and use the standard.


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