Development of a lightning protection design program and its application through a case study

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

As my diploma work I designed a software that makes risk management according to the EN 62305 standards. The software is a large table based on Microsoft Excel and contains four pages.

On the first page the user can fill the input informations in, and then on the last one the result can be seen, which is the necessary lightning protection level.

In my thesis I presented this software not only in general but by two examples too. First I presented the extract of the standard and then by using the components from it I described the mechanism of the programme. The structure of the thesis follows this logical thread too. At the first part I expounded the physical meaning of the risk components grouped them into three main groups according to the contents of the standard. The first topic is annual number of dangerous events, the second is probability of damages and the amount of losses by flashes at last.

After that I presented the operation of the particular programme-points sequenced according to the Excel sheets. I published the calculation method for each data point of the input form. Related to the “partial results” sheet I wrote down the error control procedure, that I developed for faultless operation. Users can follow up the results on the control sheet what contains another troubleshooting routine. The results are displaying on the results sheet in text style.

In the last part of my dissertation I presented the software in operation by using physical data of two existing buildings. I made the risk management for these buildings by hand and with the programme, then I compared them and I drew the necessary conclusion.


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