Optimization of the Generation of a Virtual Power Plant

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Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During my internship and the following period I had the opportunity to work at VPP Energy Zrt, a company which uses a virtual power plant solution. During this time I learned a lot about the electricity market as well as the operation of virtual power plants, and this was when I decided that I would like to write my thesis about this topic.

My thesis has three main parts. First I researched the legal, technical and economic environment of virtual power plants. This was mostly theoretical work which needed mainly the study of the specialized literature. I examined the main regulation documents of the electricity trading market and the key studies of the virtual power plants. Then, I interpreted the most important properties of the virtual power plants based on the conclusions I arrived at from the studies mentioned.

In the second and third parts of my thesis my goal is to offer practical solutions for the optimization of the control centers of virtual power plants. I do this by creating a static scheduling program and a dynamic regulator program. Besides minimizing the cost of the portfolio, the scheduling program also allocates the necessary output to each engine in fifteen minute resolution. The regulator program offers a similar solution, with the difference that it allocates required production in real-time, according to the actual output declared by MAVIR, the Hungarian transmission system operator.

Working in such a regulation center was a great help in both tasks, as I could get a lot of useful information. It also gave me an outstanding opportunity: the power plant park I wished to optimize was the park of my company. In order to consider as many aspects as possible during the creation of the scheduling program, I start off by studying the contracts between the power plants and the virtual power plant. I then observe the factors influencing the expenses of the VPP towards the power plants and create a scheduling and regulator program in Microsoft Excel.


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