Analysis of Virtual Machine Migration Process

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the world of computer technology, virtualisation is a common practice because this way the available computing performance is effectively used. Thats why server-virtualisation is more common too and the cloud computing model is also based on that technology. In the cloud, the transportation of the virtual machnines from one server to another, also known as migration, is a daily practice.

My task was the examination of the virtual machines' migration process. In my thesis I specified the different types of migration and the implementation stages they use, then I made a comparison between them. In the operational environment the operator of the cloud conract with the user about the availability metrics. To be able to keep the high availability the migration processes must be done fast, with little downtime. In the thesis I examined the migration processes and their resource requirements operated by the OpenStack cloud management software. I ran a network service on the virtual machine which was migrated at the moment, and monitored the availability of the service with an application I wrote.

My tests showed that there's a big time difference between the implementation of the migration strategies.

These differencies occured in the availability of the resources and in the network service as well. My work provides useful information about how the migration should be used in the cloud and about the extra load that the operator should be aware of.


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