Design and inplementation of a virtual, online community space

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The thesis gives an overview of various online community spaces. It presents the services of e-mail, discussion forums, chat, social networks, blogs, wikis and multiplayer games, introducing their most important representatives, the development of each category, and describing their opportunities.

Strict topic of the thesis is a web application which is based on a unique idea. It combines the well-known television reality genre with the world of online games. Goal of the project is turning reality shows' passive observers to active participants, and giving them an opportunity to try out the life of reality players.

Players control a character, whose inner and outer attributes can be modified. The game runs in residences, where players can make individual and social actions, which affect their attributes and relationships with other players. Each week someone leaves the residence. Goal of the game is to be as popular as possible to avoid dropping out, eventually winning the game by standing last.

The thesis presents the requirements about the software, and details of planning and implementation. Finally, it describes and evaluates the results.


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