Development of Virual Reality application

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the development of technology, a whole new segment of information technology has emerged, the virtual reality (VR). The purpose of my dissertation is to guide you through the development of such a VR application.

During the semester I present basic features such as motion in 3D (dimensional) space, and using a user interface in virtual reality. Then I write about complex tasks like the interaction of the objects with the VR headset controller. To show these features, I make an interior design application.

The user interface is responsible for the display of available objects and their selection. Interaction is the placement, deletion, rotation of these objects. During the project, I tried to provide compatibility between different VR displays, which I achieved with the Unity system, so I can see the work made in the program on different VR players and computer monitors. I also consider it important to ensure reusability between different Unity projects, so I present a Save process and how to use it.

During the project I have mastered several important details of VR application development, which will help to create future programs, this knowledge will be increasingly needed as VR becomes more widespread.


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